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Monday, April 29, 2013 •
Soaring Hearts Featured in Christian Women's Voice Magazine
Dear Gentle Friends ~ 

This winter took me hundreds of miles from home to care for my sweet dad who wrestles with an exotic dementia. My days and weeks focused on his care, and helping my mother, his full-time caregiver. 

There were a couple of weeks I didn't have access to a computer, and social media slowed to a standstill; even my blog appeared a bit lonely. 

However, in quiet moments at dawn, or looking out at the bay as Dad slept, God continued to inspire new Soaring Hearts cards in my heart and imagination. 

While I catch up on life, I'm excited to share some news with you...

Christian Women's Voice Magazine will feature Soaring Hearts Cards and the story I've written about my life-changing accident, "At the Speed of Love," in their May/June issue!

I'm eager to receive my copy, and I hope you will order Christian Women's Voice Magazine, as well. You can choose an online magazine or a print copy sent to your home. 

Click on the link to obtain your copy: http://christianwomen'  

When you read my testimony, you'll understand the miracles God worked in my life at the intersection of life and death.

Isn't it just like God to transform tragic circumstances into something beautiful? Please write to me after you read my story. I'd love to hear from you!

                         Until then. . .

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When you send Soaring Hearts, you send love.

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