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Thursday, May 17, 2012 • Barbara Parentini
New Book Release for Father's Day
Dear Gentle Friends~
Before I begin my summer sabbatical to focus much needed attention on my writing projects, please note this exciting announcement.
I'm honored to be a contributor in LIFE LESSONS FROM DADS by Write Integrity Press releasing June 1, 2012 -- just in time for Father's Day!
This book includes the most powerful story I've ever written about my dad. You'll laugh ... and you'll cry a little, too."  
 Here's what the publisher included on the back cover~

Patience. Diligence. Hard work. Perseverance.

Lessons our dads taught us, usually by example more than anything else. In today's world, dads seem to be forgotten or their importance is minimized or overlooked. We hope Life Lessons from Dads will serve as a reminder of their value and impact in our lives, and in the lives of our children and grandchildren. May it also serve as a loving tribute to dads everywhere who give it all for their children. We appreciate you.
Reserve your copy now, and have it personalized for your special gift.    Price: 15.00   S/H 2.95   Total:  17.95
Email Barbara with your order:
Thank you all for your ongoing support and kind interest in my work.
All Gifts by Grace,

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